As we look forward to the autumn months, I am so glad to be back teaching again.

My classes are slightly smaller, to allow for a bit more space while we are working. The first few classes have been full of joy, enthusiasm and creativity. Windows have been made, garden glass creations and beautiful light catchers.

I’m looking forward to my evening classes starting to see what incredible projects my returning people will have ideas for, and working with some lovely new students too.

My own work has been a large japanese window for a client and now I’m turning my mind to making smaller things for shops and galleries.

Japanese inspired window.

I am working on a beautiful commission at the moment.

It is inspired by Japanese shelves with bonsai trees and artefacts. Completely different to anything I have ever made before, so a real challenge.

My client is renovating a beautiful Kentish Oast House, having spent years working and living in the Far East. The window is made up of painted and fired panels ,set within a classic border of stained glass.

These are pictures of work in progress.